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Dear daughter, time really goes by! It seems like it was yesterday that I wrote, wishing you a Happy New Year, and now, it’s already the end of the year again. We’re anxious to know if you are coming to spend New Year’s Eve with us.
Your mom went shopping for a dress yesterday, but came home upset because the only one she liked didn’t fit.

Daughter, enjoying the Christmas spirit, I’d like to share with you something that happened here in the village, last year.

One day, the postman who works in our region, was astonished by a scene he had never faced before. As he was delivering a
mail to a poor house in the neighborhood, a little boy asked him to deliver his letter to Santa Claus. The postman thought about explaining to him that the story of Santa Claus was nothing but a fantasy; but moved by the little boy’s inocence, he took the letter and left.  Next day, before he left for his duties, he read the letter to his co-workers at the Post-Office. Here’s what the little one wrote:

“Santa Claus, I don’t know how to write properly, but I really need to say few things to you; that’s why I took courage to send you this letter. Please, forgive me for my misspelings and poor vocabulary.

Santa Claus, I don’t think you like poor children. Do you know why I think that? Because you give cheap gifts to some of them, and to others, you don’t even give anything; Yet to the rich ones, you always give the best and most beautiful gifts. Santa Claus, I’m sorry for my honesty, but I don’t think it’s fair! The best gifts should be given to the poor children, not to the rich ones; they already have everything they want. Think about it, Santa Claus, and tell me if I’m not right! Rich children already have rich parents to give them gifts, while the poor ones’ parents can’t afford to give them good gifts.

Santa Claus, I don’t say all that for my sake, but for my little brother’s sake. Every year, when Christmas comes, he goes to bed expecting that during the night, you will come over to give him a gift. You should see his sadness, when he wakes up in the morning and realizes that you didn’t show up. Poor thing, he cries a lot and says that you don’t like us
just because we are poor.

Own Sant Claus! It breaks my heart to think that while rich boys are joyfully showing off the gifts you’ve given them, my little brother spends the whole day, crying through the house, with not even one gift to
show off.

Santa Claus, I’d like to ask you a big favor; could you please stop by my house and drop a Christmas gift to him? It’s no problem if there’s none to me, I’m used with it, and I don’t mind not having one, but he is too young to understand certain things in life.

Actually, I’d like to work to be able to buy a gift for my little brother this Christmas, but my mom told me that I’m too young to work. Nevertheless, I promise you that it will be only this year. Next year, I’ll be old enough to work and set some money aside to give him a Christmas gift.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Juquinha.”

As they heard the content  of the letter, everyone was touched and decided to collect some money among the Post officers and generous people who were willing to help. So, all of us who gave into it, went over to the little boy’s house to give gifts.
My daughter, I had never seen such a joy at once.

I came back home thinking about something Jesus had said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Oh, daughter, I almost forgot to tell you something very important: we gave that Postman a nickname: “Santa Claus – The Postman”.

A story taken from the Book “Contos de Paulo e Wilmar” Volume 1 – written by Wilmar Soares Siqueira and Paulo Soares Siqueira – Published by Happy Books. Translated by Catia Baker.